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Doug Smallbone


By Caribbean News Now contributor

PROVIDENCIALES, Turks and Caicos Islands -- With the territory wondering what had happened to the expansion of the main airport at Providenciales, the interim government in the Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI) has now announced a $10 million expansion of the existing terminal.

In what appears to be a serious retreat from the planned $50 to 60 million expansion previously announced, the work will nevertheless add 80 percent to the size of the existing facility.

The airport expansion scheme, launched late in the former Misick administration and embraced by both political parties and the direct rule government, was previously reported to cost between $90 and 100 million. This amount included runway and apron work, which has been completed for a reported $40 million.

The expanded runway can accommodate wide body aircraft, which require longer and heavier pavement, and expanded airport aprons to park the monster planes. The enlarged terminal was to include air bridges (jetways) to ease passenger access to and from the planes.

The expansion was also slated to include a large parking facility. However, the car park has apparently been found unnecessary, as most residents do not leave their vehicles at the airport. Nevertheless, there is currently very limited parking for rental cars and short term parking. Therefore the newly announced modified plan does include an improved traffic plan and enlarged parking. This appears to be phase one.

The second phase will include additions to the existing 51,400 square foot terminal to a new total of 92,300 square feet, concentrating first on the international departure area.

The third phase will expand the domestic flight area expansion.

Not mentioned is any expansion of the baggage claim, immigration and customs areas, which at times can be crowded. Also not mentioned and seemingly cancelled are the jetways.

With the government now embracing a joint venture with UK-owned Serviceair of Texas, it appears that they and other private ground handlers will have to also expand their air-stairs vehicles.

The original plan was scheduled to include up to a $35 increase in the departure tax, which is now slightly over $100. It is hoped that this will now be tempered, as air fares have nearly doubled in the last two to three years.

The work is due to start in early 2013 and be completed in two years.

There has been no news or reported consideration of the previous international airport at Grand Turk.

International flights no longer call at Grand Turk, which in years past was the only intentional field landing flights of the long defunct Pan Am Airways. For a short period four years ago, Spirit Airlines called at both Grand Turk and Provo, carrying passengers at budget fares to and from Fort Lauderdale. Grand Turk residents must now pay $200 for a round trip ticket to Providenciales to access the international flights to the USA and other destinations

In related news, Miami International Airport has just opened its terminal expansion, which will greatly reduce the amount of walking experienced by arriving travelers from the TCI via American Airlines.

Expanded immigration, baggage and customs facilities have now reduced US visitors’ clearance time to 10 minutes. Also new is the Metro Rail train, which now arrives at the airport. For a $5 fare per person, the train will accommodate arriving and departing passengers from numerous train terminals from Miami to West Palm Beach. This train also serves the Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach airports.

Caicos Beach Club

Hi Doug,

Any news on the resort?  Is building still continuing and if so any ideas on opening date?  

Doug Smallbone


Check out these 2 links

If you are from the UK it is worth noting that the spec for the airport
is to include aeroplanes to Boeing 737/800 which have a flight mileage
capacity of 3,115. The T & C Mileage is approx 4,300. Make you own
judgement on the airport.

As to whether the complex is near to completion I suggest you contact
the Developer vis their attornies Rahl & Rahl.

Our main catchment area in rental income terms would be the US / Canada / South America,
for comparison its also worth noting that,

Miami = 524 nautical miles
Florida = 639 nautical miles
Venezuela (caracas) = 730 nautical miles
Montreal = 1433 nautical miles
Toronto = 1372 nautical miles
Los Angeles = 2553 nautical miles
Mexico city 1586 nautical miles
London to TC = 3610 nautical miles

The developers obviously need to make money back on this development therefore I dont think there'll be an issue with airport completion once the tendering process is complete.
Doug Smallbone


You say "our" main catchment areas - please explain WHO exactly you are.

I purchased an apartment in 2005 with the selling agent specifically highlighting that there would be direct flights from UK to South Caicos.

My contract stated that completion would be within 30 months - before any Force Majeure.

I have asked for my deposit to be refunded continually and now get no response from the Rahls.

I get no response now from the CEO of the T & C Airport Authority.

I now have finally realised that I have been totally misrepresented if my
interpretation of the Airport spec is correct - I assume myself and many others.

To those that are within the Boeing 737/800 milage parameters good luck to you.

I will be content to have my $85.5K deposit refunded ( Block I 3rd floor purported increase form $285k to £330k or whatever ) but that is a forlorn hope as the developer is not honouring the contract detail.


I will make you an offer  -  you appear very confident.

I will accept from you ( or any other person ) $60k and will assign my
purchase over.

I expect negativity.

To you all, and I know many of you have heard my name, when this debacle totally resolves itself please remember the name of Doug Smallbone and without doubt  many may wish to thank me.
Doug Smallbone


View the link and revise your distance from T & C to London


I am in a similar situation to yourself, a British investor looking to gain an income from my investment. I'm also confident that my contract is very similar to your own, also stating a 30 month completion cycle but there's precious little we can do at this stage in terms of refunds. If you're still contemplating a litigous route then I'd wager the project would probably complete before your case would be heard in any courtroom.

As I've stated previously I'm as disappointed with the apparent lack of progress and communication as anyone else but we can only be thankful that they're still in business. Your investment still exists.

Lets not forget there is due to be a significant decision in terms of the airport expansion soon and consequently we'll hopefully see accelerated
progress in the near future. It might provide some 'light at the end of the tunnel' for all concerned.

If your unit was in B,C,D or J then I'd consider an offer but for me block I isnt the best.

by the way the distance from the UK I posted (3610 nm) is to Provo and is correct, to cockburn town is 3706 nm. Its a point almost too trivial to argue.
Doug Smallbone


I despair with the ethics of you, and most that post on this site. You claim
that you are in the same position as me but you are not raging inside like me.

Can you not see that something is critically wrong that a complex is not finished since 2005 when you and I allegedly bought?

Check out Harlequin, who suffered the hurricanes.

Block I was by far the best, as price decreed. What tripe you talk.

Please make yourself overt to me.

My E Mail is:

I will advise on this Forum when you do this without divulging any detail that you may give me.

I think you are a "plant" put on this site ( as many are ) but you are now able to prove me wrong.

Any other person who wishes to contact me ( as I am genuine ) can via
my E Mail address.

Please advise me how many UK people on this website thought that we were to get direct flights to South Caicos.

Even if we lose our deposits let us get this "bag of worms" sorted.

Please be advised that I remain proactive and will be a major player in
bringing this episode to and end, but unfortunately, I perceive we will be all losers.

I don't think we will be losers...

Hi Doug,

I just wanted to respond to you directly and also on the forum.  I agree that we have been led down the garden path.  There was definitely talk of direct flights from UK to South Caicos.  This is clearly not going to happen.  

However, I wholeheartedly disagree with your last comment that we will all be losers on this. I cannot accept that.  I am a single mother.  I sold my flat in the UK at the top of the housing market in 2007 and invested in this resort.  The effect the development's delay has had on my life and my child's is huge.  I was forced back into work full time when my child was a baby. I was expecting a rental income so I could work part-time.  My child is in breakfast club at 8am and I pick him up at 6pm despite the fact that he finishes school at 3.15pm and I hardly get to attend any things that happen at his school.  Half my salary goes on rent and literally have no life outside work and looking after Ollie and no disposable income.  I have massively regretted the decision to invest in this development.  I live in a maisonette above a charity shop on a busy road.  This is not what I wanted for my son.  However, what keeps me going is that I am in regular contact with the British agent who sold the property to me Robert Brown.  He has 4 apartments and is genuine.  I met with Brian Rahl in Miami before purchasing my second apartment a penthouse which put all my profit into this investment and although slow in coming back he does respond to emails.  

I do not believe there is any scam or rip off.  The only threat to our money is the project not being completed.  My understanding on the progress is this.  For the resort to be finished quickly they need investment. Before the financial crash they were offered large amount from a bank but didn't take it.  After the crash the money isn't on offer anymore.  I believe they have been trying to secure this investment but nothing so far.  As they don't have this investment the resort is continuing to be built but at snails pace.  8 men on site.  The developers have put too much into this to walk away. Provo seems to be thriving and if our apartments are worth the value of resort apartments there then we may have been the only people on the planet to make serious money in property over the last 5 years!

Doug, I do get dark moments when I feel I have lost everything.  However, logic prevails and I am trying to remain optimistic.

I have emailed Brian and Robert for an update.  Robert said he was going over to Turks in September so I will be really interested to hear what is going on.  I will post when I get an update.

Let me know if you hear of any other news.....



Your paranoia amuses me. If you read Sophie's post you'll see that she bought through Bobby Brown, the same agent that I used and I can vouch for Sophies comments. As for me being a plant then you can email Bobby, his email address is in the public arena, he will be more than happy to confirm that I am genuine. Bobby will be relocating permanently to miami in the coming weeks and so will no doubt be able to keep a closer eye on things for all concerned.

I'd be interested if you could elaborate on why my ethics are in some way questionable ? when I merely voiced the same concerns as others already have on the forum. I'm not best pleased by the situation but people handle stress in different ways and I see no point in giving myself a stroke stressing about something I can have little influence over. You seem disappointed that I'm not incandescent with rage like yourself.

'Tripe' you say ? , if block I was the best why are there more unsold apartments available in this block right now than any other ?, even the penthouses havent sold out. The numbers dont lie Doug.

The most important point to remember, as reiterated by Sophie is that the developers have invested far too much time and money into this to walk away at this stage, they'll do their damndest to see this through. As I said in my last post Doug your investment still exists.

I'm intrigued, what actions does a 'major player' like yourself take in order to 'bring this episode to an end' ?
Doug Smallbone


You have my E Mail address.

Expose yorself and we can air our differences


Isnt that the purpose of a forum ? , to share opinion ?

I fail to see what the benefit of us exchanging personal emails would be to the online community.

I've nothing to hide so why not air your differences on here ?
Doug Smallbone


I am anticipating that there is no way I am going to get your E Mail address so I will reply on the Forum.

Why is there so much cloak and dagger on this Forum? All purchasers
are in the same boat as me - why are we not inundated with people
who are as concerned as I.

With regard to occupancy I do not think there is a piece of credibility on
the official website. Since I bought in 2005 it shows up as 95% full and still

Why do you not give Bobby Brown's E Mail address? I have never heard of
him? Why would he locate to Miami? What has that got to do with anything?

With regard to cost:



    490  x  95%  x  $75k ( avg ) deposit      =       $34,912,500


    Breeze block buildings                       =       In excess of $34m ( no )

This developtment has been going on for years prior to when I bought in 2005.

Where is the developer investment? We have paid up front. The developer
cannot be out of pocket.

With regard to major player  -  maybe I am not  -  ok
Doug Smallbone

To all

Caicos Beach Club

Are there any takers viewing who wish to take me up on my offer:

I have purchased an apartment on Block I ( 3rd floor ).

I have paid a downpayment of $85.5k being 30% of the purchase value
of $285k.

I am willing to take $60k to assign my contract over.

I have been assured over the past 6 months from this Forum and certainly by GH in the last 2 days that the complex is ongoing and has no problems other than slight governmental agreements on the airport.

Please, everybody, do not miss out on such a bargain.


I didnt post my email address because I dont see any benefit of doing so in a forum environment. The only thing I'd be looking forward to in divulging my personal email address would be more SPAM in my inbox.

I dont know the precise personal reasons behind Bobby relocating to miami but he's a property agent so it makes sense for him to try his luck in the states as he'd be nearer greater opportunity. Google is your friend in this situation but I'll save you the bother, have a look at you can contact him from there.

Since, as already mentioned by Sophie he has a sizeable investment in the resort (currently 5 units) it would make sense for him to be nearer to his investment. This can only be good for the forum as he'd be more likely to make more site visits and hence you would get more frequent updates.

I see you havent included the cost of land in your calculations.
Doug Smallbone


This my final dialogue with you.

The Forum can make their own mind up.

You give me a link which portrays a website which must have been last updated 2007.

There is an endorsement from Michael E Misick.

Jeez    -   that is some endorsement. I suggest the Forum google
Mr Misick and be enthralled with his history.

When you google you get the old website.

Has Mr Brown ceased trading with this company?

Hope he does not travel to Miami via the International Airport at South Caicos as he will land up in the sea 600 nautical miles short.

Interested to hear if any more bought from Bobby Brown.

My heart goes out to Sophie and for her sake I hope my perceptions are incorrect.


Have you tried calling 0871 734 3300 ? you'll be able to speak to him in person. I dont know why his website hasnt been updated recently but he is still doing business on the project.
Doug Smallbone


Thanks for that.

Probably not ring  -  fairly obvious he is not trading  -  I would not be happy with a businessman that does not regularly update his website.

If as you say Bobby has bought 4 apartments I reckon he will not be a happy chappy.

We had good banter. It is good that some people voice an opinion which,
even if we are at a variance, it at least opens up an area of debate.

Incidentally final comment re the Airport Spec:

Detail of tender has been advertised but that is still a million light years
in getting the finance from the Goverment to do it. A mega case will be
needed to convince the powers that be to service the aiport for a project
that has been ongoing since Noah was in his nappies.


Like I said give him a call, he does still deal on this project and maybe he could find a buyer for your unit. Dont let your negativity stop you. In terms of the airport expansion you may want to factor in private investment, you never know. Our developers could take that project on if successful in the tendering process, they have men and equipment already on the ground and a sizeable financial incentive to progress.

I think Doug has wanted to exit for some times and is convinced that this transaction is full of fraud. I am not suggesting it is not as I don't think any body knows the full story as this development has been on-going for some time before 2005 when many of us came in. It does not help that R&R are not very forthcoming with information for one reason and another, including their suggested value increases which can't be supported by them etc.

However, we are where we are. Under UK law there is no escrow for us to rescue and so we have to wait and see. I am not sure about the comment that the development is not being funded well as the developer will need funds to find our non-qualified mortgage at some time. Instead I presume that the completion of the developments is directly linked to the airport timing.

I think the recent airport news is good so we now all have a little hope. now
Doug Smallbone

Hi Oliver

Hope you are well. Nice to see you are ok.

Obviously I hope for everybody's sake you have light at the tunnel.

I must stress that I have not used the terminology "fraud".

You are correct in saying that I have wanted a refund for some time, but,
having requested a refund from the developer under the terms of the
contract I was informed by letter that this was not possible under
Force Majeure even though this was invoked after the elapse of 30 months.

Is it any wonder I have no faith left in this venture?

Hi Doug,

I agree these are difficult times. BTW, my UK agest has suggested that now that the airport tenders are out it could be 12 months to completion! We will see but don't hold your breath.

Out of interest have you approached a UK lawyer on your recourse options? On the basis that development has been frozen for such a long period I wonder if any lawyer could confirm our legal situation. I think that R&R are just relying on us being fragmented and ill-advised.
Doug Smallbone

Hi Oliver

It really does depress me when so many people consider that my fight for
a refund is negativity. I despair that this Forum does not have more people with my fight and then the Developer would not be running rings round you all.

With regard to your queries may I say that I am an accountant and not a wizard with crystal balls.

Why the UK buyers are not, as I describe myself "raging" is totally beyond comprehension.


If you see the first post I placed on this Airport directory you will note that Grand Turk have had an airport spec passed but the Goverment have not authorised any money to it. One assumes that GT will be next in line for government airport cash.

There has been a SC spec put out for debate. If all goes well you will get the go ahead for the airport to be upgraded to Boeing 737/800 spec. It may be 20 years before the Goverment authorises any build.

Be assured of 2 things:

   1.   The government will need convincing that this resort will      
         thrive. I have not personally been to South Caicos ( Cockburn )
         but I have seen a 10 minute personal video and it looks like
         the original shanty town. Wish I had seen that video before I

    2.  Airlines bring people and the management of same will need to be
         mighty convinced to spend what amounts to a fortune in set up    
         costs. I would love to be a fly on the wall when that business
         presentation takes place. Dear American Airlines  we have been
         building this complex for a number of years, actually close to
         20, and the only reason we have not finished is because there was
         a hurricane and then the goverment refused to build the airport.

         AA spokesman :  did you not get concrete agreement with the

          Yes we did

          AA spokesman :  then why have you not sued the government to
                                    protect the investors money?  
You could not make it up


I am certain that there are many on this Forum who are more learned than I and they will hopefully advise you accordingly.

Oliver  -  I would totally concur with you that we a fragmented and by our apathy ill advised.


My point is if you are willing to sell your property at a loss is it not worth getting a lawyer involved to see what recourse you have. I imagine we have none and if we did and all took action wouild bankrupt the development.

CHUCK - if you are reading this could you get more airport tender information.


You say that you're not a wizard with 'crystal balls' but you seem happy enough to pluck out a arbitrary figure of 20 years
for the airport completion.

If the resort comes to completion then I'm certain that it will not reamin a 'shanty town', more jobs and opportunity for business on the island will no doubt spark a boost in infrastructure and higher living standards. Dont forget Dubai started life as little more than a bedouin camp and look at the place now.

If you're so adamant about a refund then why not hire a US lawyer yourself and take it from there ? or perhaps make a trip over to the US to have a chat with Brian, at least he'll see that you're actually serious rather than wasting your time ranting on an internet forum, you could make a holiday of it. After all its your $85k that's at stake. I'm no accountant but I'd be fairly confident that airline setup costs would pale into insignificance in comparison to the sums already invested by the developers in this project.
Doug Smallbone


There are a number of people I am sure who have gone down the lawyer route.

It is most difficult to to bring a case against any organisation or person
in the T & C and the initial fees of the lawyer are frightening.

I have no knowledge of any person to have received a refund.

I am certain that you are a genuine person - you have my E Mail address  -  contact me with your worries and we will hopefully answer
certain aspects that you have reservations with.

What is clear is that substantial amount of revenue that would spill into the local community via new jobs and to the Government via VAT on the rooms. For the island this is a win win situation once the finances for the airport have been sorted.
Doug Smallbone


I bought an apartment in Dubai built by Damac.

Updates every month  -  completion late  -  got interest on the days overdue.

Do not give me any claptrap.

You are not just a bonefide purchaser in my opinion.
Doug Smallbone


Just read your E Mail again

You have not got a clue

Ask you mates Brian & Patti if they have heard of Doug Smallbone


I see yet again you've avoided my pertinent question, refer again the last paragraph of my previous post and address the points rather than telling me I dont have a clue, substantiate your accusation. If Patti or Brian DONT read this forum then they probably DONT know who you are as you seem to have made little effort for financial recourse away from your keyboard.
Doug Smallbone


Surely you do not think that my posting is my sole contribution.

I posted about the airport because I was sold a property on the basis
that there would be direct flights from London to Heathrow.

This is not the case.

I have not posted previously on the Forum because I do not trust it.

If Brian & Patti do not regularly check it out then I am a Geordie not a Mackem.

I have 2 lever arch files full of E Mails regarding this debacle.

I send an E Mail on the anniversary of each month to Brian & Patti.

Do I need to address your E Mail now


Presumably if you don't trust the forum you will not outline your issues with this development and your main concerns.

However, that is what the forum if for. There is nothing R&R can do if you give us new information or discuss your greatest concerns.

Logic for me suggest that this could still be a success but obviously that is based on the airport completion. I appreciate that we have had a stubstantial  delay but not sure the developer was at fault, it was ultimately down to the government fraud investigation which thereafter delayed the airport.

I admit all my hopes are with the airport completion so if you do know something about that then say it, otherwise you are justy scaring people. Also, what if we did all get together, what could we do legally or otherwise?


Bearing in mind that nobody realistically will be spending more than 4 weeks in the resort how much of a deal breaker would a short hop over from Provo actually be ?, the flight is barely 20 minutes. I'm sure, being an accountant, the potential capital appreciation and projected rental incomes (although admittedly ambitious) would've incentivised things sufficiently for you.

Do Patti or Brian ever respond to you ?, I seem to get a response from Brian when I contact him. 2 lever arch files full of unanswered emails doesnt cut much ice. Oh... and by the way, did you expect direct flights from the throbbing international hub Newcastle airport ?, you'd have at least 250 miles to travel before you even get on a plane at London Heathrow.

Any ideas

Hi Oliver
 I'am going to answer your questions privately.Unfortunately this forum is becoming poisond with an entity that does not want our project to succeed, and only wants their money back.As you said Oliver if everyone could do that the project would go bankrupt.
 Steve if your reading this, I can't imagine you started this forum to have the resort undermined to promote failure.Is there a way to lock out people who's only goal is to pass on false., and destructive information.If not can we find another way of informing owners.
 G.H. I know your an IT guy could we set up another forum where we can have an ignore button,or a way of locking out divisive info and people.I'am involved with other investment forums where you can do this if you choose to.
Maybe I'm a lone wolf in my feelings,but I have had enough.If any one agrees or disagrees let me know,on the forum or privately.
 I have said before my main goal is to pass on the truth as best I know,and give people peace of mind.Instead now when people post we have to deal with a sarcastic uninformed ramble of garbage.I know this statement will bring on more crap,but this will be the one and only time I will make reference to it.
 I believe most people are sincere about their comments,and questions what ever their original reasons  for purchasing was.We may have all made a mistake.Thats part of life.But to undermine our investment is pure stupidity.
 I'm not sure I will stick with the forum if this continues,however I will report on my trip to the resort,and I will be happy to answer any questions privately if we can't change things here.If there are any ideas out there please let me or us know.Please no more pity parties,just good solid,sincere info and concernes.
 One more thing the fact the town is nothing fancy  makes it even more appealing.Peacefull quaint,friendly people,crime free.How is that a bad thing?


 He has heard from th Rahls.He just doesn't like the answer.
Doug Smallbone

GH / Oliver

Unlike you two, I signed a contract and I expect it to be honoured.

The Developer must dream of selling to the likes of you.

Incidentally, the Rahls have stopped responding to my E Mails.

Scaring tactics   -  what are you about?
Doug Smallbone


You have your way

I will never post again

Please ask the Rahls when they last replied -  I have asked for the
sight of a document.

I am seven years on from a contract to be finished in 30 months and I am

Get on with it




If I was R&R I may stop responding to you too. You need to understand many investmenst made 2005 and onwards did not work out for one reason or another BUT mainly due to the credit crisis, banks folding, credit drying up, bubble prices etc. This is one of the few I am aware of which is still intact although very delayed but the lateness is to do with the Goverment investigation not any banks wanting to foreclose or developers fraud.

Be happy you have not lost everything already - you may still but presently we have some optimism.

Hi Chuck,

I think what you're eluding to is closer moderation of the forum, maybe you could take that on and moderate the posts if it will take up too much of Steve's time, individual posts can be removed. It is possible to ban users but I think in a forum environment healthy debate and even unsubstantiated bluster from Doug need to be entertained (entertaining ?). Setting up a new forum will simply result in the same problem all over again. Your enthusiasm and help you've provided on and off the forum I'm sure is very much welcomed and comforting to the majority.

There are people on this forum that are more than capable of dealing with Dougs swiss-cheese like misgivings about the resort so dont lose faith now.

I have to agree that we cannot and should not ban anyone who has a different opinion, unless they become rude etc.

Doug has been around a long time and I do understand his frustrations, in the same way I can also appreciate your optimism.

I sit in the middle just pray!

Things to come

Hi All
The following is an email from an owner in another resort being built in South Caicos.This ATM news is very interesting based on the timing.It makes me think this may be in anticipation of the airport expansion news and the ramp up of our resort construction.There will be an influx of workers, and,as a  result in more commerce.
Also I wanted you to experience a view from someone else besides me.Mark and his wife spent a lot of time researching investing in Provo,but fell in love with South Caicos,and invested there instead.
I have enjoyed comparing notes with Mark,and seeing things from his perspective.It helps me know its just not me who enjoys and looks forward to the growth in South. I have been accused of being partial, which I guess I'am,but for good reason.

Morning Chuck

I thought I'd pass along a small tidbit of news I read in the T&C Sun yesterday. I check out the T&C news about once a week to try and keep up with things, especially with the election approaching in November.

The news was that ScotiaBank has put an ATM on South, as well as on North Caicos. Not exactly earth shattering but it is a small step forward, especially for the relatively small population on South, at the moment that is. It will certainly be convenient for us on our longer stays on the island.

Maybe one can get too overly excited about a simple ATM but it may also represent the tip of the iceberg in services and facility improvements that will now start to show up. Keep in mind Provo was much like South a mere 35 years ago back in the mid 70's.

Maybe one day we'll sit around pool side and reminisce about the "good old days" on South before the place went crazy..........

Have a great Thanksgiving weekend.



Hang on in there - I'm sure the majority of us all appreciate your input on the Forum.  We are all frustrated by the delays - I too invested in 2005,  it's just that Doug's frustration is LOUD.  I don't think anyone should be blocked unless their posts get unduly offensive, posts lead to discussion and at least keeps the issue alive.
I am a property lawyer, recently retired and went into the contract with eyes wide open - high risk but high yields IF it comes good.  If I thought I could get my deposit back without spending as much again, then of course I would by now have pursued that track.
I am optimistic however.  Even though its taking its time, the development continues to progress and the airport issue is being addressed.  The worst news would be that the developers have gone through so any other news is good news, even news of the new ferry service to South C and the new ATM - all good stuff.

Keep posting Chuck

Great that we have a property lawyer onboard, nice to get confirmation that we are where we are and can only sit and wait - although as said, things are looking a little more positive now.

My kind agent, who advised that it may be too early to chase anyone on the tender situation, as provided this link;


I have been trying to find out via the internet whether the tendering process has been completed and the contract awarded - I have even emailed the local paper !! However, no information seems to be forthcoming from these sources - anyone got any idea whether the contract was awarded ?

airport contract


the last I heard was that investors were completing their final due diligence, that was a few weeks ago and I have heard nothing since. I have emailed my agent though so awaiting response. On another topic thread (I wish there was just one thread because its easy to miss comments.) in case you haven't seen it, I did write that there are only a couple of workers at the resort and they haven't been paid for a few months. It looks as though they are not going to finish the resort until the airport is underway.


Re: airport contract

Thanks Chris.   Not good to hear the site workers are not being paid - whether the contractors are waiting for the airport or not, it is concerning that they are not paying their way.

Read Page 47148

The South Caicos Airport is a future capital priority but could be a few years off. Unless private funding comes.

airport contract

According to my agent the contract for the airport is at present being passed around various lawyers in different countries and should have been signed by now. He was hopeful that it would be very soon


I can believe that. When you get numerous sets of eyes on a deal it always drags out twice as long.


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