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Criminal investigation and trial

Further to the recent email about the resort management criminal investigation and trial I assume there may be interest in a class action against the guilty parties. If anybody is interested could they respond on this forum. Many thanks.[/i]

Criminal investigation and trial

Hello keep me in the loop please!

I have recovered 50000 ( the maximum possible ) from my FSCS claim and would consider any action to recoup the balance of my investment.

Class action

I would be interested in any way of recovering some or all of my investment of $85500. Please keep this forum going. Thanks

If you are a UK Investor and invested with the help of a financial adviser and or a pension scheme you can make a claim from the FSCS for a maximum

I lived in Southampton UK and invested through a real estate agent,not a financial advisor,( Real World International) in London after researching online so doubtful if I qualify. Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

My understanding is that you are correct. Sadly the FSCS claims are for recompense from financial and pension advisers not for direct investments or through agents.

Sadly, we can expect these two cases to be the beginning of loads more to come. Forum Index -> Caicos Beach Club
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