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Destination Sun Homes - UK agents

Wondering if any investors have come across these guys in the UK? They are my agents but in the last few weeks their email system does not respond and the phone number on their website (still advertising the development) has a number that connect to someone un-associated with them.

Not sure what is happening but presumably they have given up this investment. My presumption is that agents would get paid upon completion so not sure what this suggests about them or our investment.

UK agent

I had the same experience; received an email from Richard in August and then all my attempts to get into contact drew a blank. Does anybody has any info??? Also about the project itself? At least somebody is answering their phone but always refers to Patricia Rahl . I managed to talk to her very,very briefly but she was on a conference call.

destination sun homes

Hi Jule and Oliver

we also bought through Destination Sun homes and the last information I had from Richard was on Sept 19th assuring me that the signing of the airport contract was imminent. The delay was due to lawyers passing it around from country to country changing the odd word. Since the I have heard nothing. It is good to hear that other people on the forum also bought from this agent. A while back i had given up trying to communicate with the agent and then had an email out of the blue.
it would be good if we can let each other know if we hear anything from him.


Just a quick post to say I have not heard any further from these agents, have either of you?

Not that we need them to complete (should we get that far!!)

Yes, talked to Richard Ford in great length 2 weeks ago. Apparently he is in constant contact with Patricia and sounded hopeful that something will happen and progress is worked on which all of us are quite desperate for.
So fingers crossed. . . .

Can you please PM me with his details. He was not responding to old email address or phone number I had.


Hi, Has anyone please got Brian phone number? He is my agent but fell off the radar for some time. Many thanks. Forum Index -> Caicos Beach Club
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