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UK financial claims

I have created a new thread for UK investors interested in forming a group to look at the possibility of financial redress claims from financial advisers


Some of us bought through U.K. brokers, but live in the U.S.  I don't know how that would effect our eligibility to join in.

Interested in UK claim

I am UK citizen and my wife is US so we are open to any avenues we can take... Thanks, Paul

UK investor interested to claim

Hello I bought from a broker in the UK and want to join the UK group to try to unite us all and redress this awful situation.  This was to be my pension.  My entire pot is gone  Sad  Please contact me and include me in your updates

UK compensation claims

Id also like to be part of this, although not sure of eligibility, having bought through an agent, not a financial adviser, sipp etc


Sign me up too. I purchased through a UK agent so I am not sure about his capacity in this but I am still in contact with him.

I think we need to have a single approach which represents various investors, as opposed to many individual approaches which may singular be dismissed.

Hi, this is a good idea.  Please do include me on this, as I am a UK citizen.

Regards, Rory

I would be surprised if a financial adviser would put anyone into this unless they signed some sort of get-out clause due to the high risk being taken.

Don't think your run-of-the-mill agent would class as such.
Adam Ludlam

To move this forward, I think we need to create a list of names, contact details and nature of claim. Once we have this, someone can approach regulatory legal and see if they will represent us on a no Win no fee basis? Are we confotrable sharing these details in a public domain?

I would be interested in trying anything to recoup my investment for 2 units but as far as I'm aware, purchasing through an agent (as I did) and not through a financial adviser leave no recourse against any agents here in the UK


I think the list is vital and  I am happy to supply you  the details requested.  However not sure what you mean by " in the public domain " . I dont think it is a problem but can you elaborate.


We would certainly be interested in any group action in the hope of retrieving something.  We picked up the development via an agent, but actually dealt with the Rahls direct regarding the contracts.
Adam Ludlam

It appears as if there is not a lot of interest for a uk claim against the FCA. Either this is because people do not understand the concept or they feel that they will not qualify. This is currently happening on other carribian investments and people are clamming redress against the uk government agency.
If interested then list your details and we maybe able to do a group claim.

I'm not sure if we are listing our details through the topic replies, as I haven't seen anyone else post details as yet. Perhaps someone could enlighten me please?

Uk Investors

I am very pleased to say that I have received the full compensation possible from the FSCS  in the Uk for this in relation to my investment made on the advice of Cavendish Financial Planning in the UK. Although it does not cover my full cost it is a great result and allows me to benefit if recourse is achieved from another source.

Cavendish Financial Planning went into oiquidation as soon as I launchrd the claim.


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