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Why now ?

This being my first post I'm sure I'll take some heat on my humble opinions
Some 10 years ago I also invested $80,000 +/- and have waited while our project went through  Hurricane Ike and Hannah ,a failed government, and a world recession .
All that  pain and now Scotia Banks repositioning of Caribbean loans plus the current Caicos Governments blatant disregard of past commitments re: THE AIRPORT etc.
I believe now is not the time for a move against our developers, now is the time to once again hold firm and let things settle , a few more months to allow for a counter move on our part is the right thing to do.
I have no agenda but let's be real , to start a group action against R&R at this time would be financial  suicide . I don't know Chuck fro Adam but in this case Chuck is Right on. 10 years of waiting 2 months more is like a walk in the park.

Holding out

I agree.  It has been 8 years for me since my initial investment.  Our best bet for us to get our money back is for the Rahls to sort out this land dispute.  However, unlikely it looks it is our best hope.  We are so close to a conclusion either way.  My fingers are crossed!

I agree, the only way we will recover our deposits now is with some deal the Rahls can make with SR.

If this does not work then we can always take some action against the Rahls, Governmenet etc but considering the time lapse aleady lets give that Rahls one last chance.

Any legal action will not get our money back anyway. Just a bit more patience please. Forum Index -> Caicos Beach Club
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